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English news about music, art and fashion in one of Latin America’s coolest cities – Medellin

If you’re keen to learn more about Colombian life, but want to get under the skin of what’s really going on, then check out the arepa. Advertisements

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Why does everyone want to buy Colombia’s ‘green gold’ coffee? Read this and more top Colombian news stories

Is it becoming Colombia’s most hard to buy export – but what is ‘green gold’ coffee and why are people desperate to buy it? Find out here and read other cool stories about Colombia.

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Best places to stay in Colombia: Cafe Tosaky, Cali

Finding a good place to stay is always tricky. You’re never quite sure what to expect, so in a bid to help visitors to Colombia we’re starting a new feature to cast some light on picking the best hostels or hotels. This … Continue reading

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How to blow 36 hours in Bogota and walking with dinosaurs in Colombia – This weeks top 5 stories

Hello again all, this week there’s a guide to spending 36 frantic hours in Bogota, 10 reasons why Colombia rocks, how you can feed dinosaurs (sort of) in Villa de Leyva and pest or pet? Bogota’s random dogs get some … Continue reading

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Sexy, scary or safety with Santos? This week’s top 5 Colombian news stories

It’s been a big week in Colombia, as a new, ever so slightly controversial President takes control. You can find out about that on any other Colombian news website – but we bet you’ll not find this combination of stories … Continue reading

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Is London about to copy Bogota and go car-free? Top 5 Colombian news

Hello all, there might be a new President elect, but we were more interested in Colombia almost knocking King Federer’s crown off at Wimbledon. Anyway, this week there’s some excellent stuff about London aiming to copy Bogota’s Ciclovia and have … Continue reading

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Is Colombia safe? Finding trustworthy travel advice for an enjoyable trip

It’s the first question travellers to Colombia are asked, and probably ask themselves: ‘Is it safe?’ Changing a reputation for violence, drugs and kidnapping is not easy – but most independent advisors now agree Colombia is getting safer for visitors. … Continue reading

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