Best places to stay in Colombia: La Casa Amarilla, Mompos

Finding a good place to stay is always tricky. You’re never quite sure what to expect, so in a bid to help visitors to Colombia we’re casting some light on picking hostels or hotels. This week it’s La Casa Amarilla, Mompos.

La Casa Amarilla in Mompos

La Casa Amarilla in Mompos

La Casa Amarilla is a 10 room guesthouse in an original yet lovingly restored 16 century colonial house in front of the Magdalena River. With 10 rooms they offer a personalised service so that guests can relax around the garden, in their rooms, in their three salas or on the roof terrace. The guesthouse is an Anglo-Colombian family run operation which prides itself on offering the most up to date information about Mompos and transport links. We also organise river trips and city tours.


Email address:


Telephone: 5 685 6326

Address: Cra 1 13-59, Mompos, Bolivar

Features: 2, 4 bed dorms at 15,000 per bed. 2 Economic rooms at 40,000 per couple (30,000 single). All rooms have fans and private internal bathroom.

6 Suites ranging from 80,000 upwards to 250,000 (includes air con, fans, wifi, cable tv, classy bathrooms)

Aimed at: From backpacker to high priced travellers



Why should a traveller stay at your hostel?

To enjoy true garcianmarquian Colombia

What is Colombia’s best kept secret?

Mompos of course…and the Pacific coast.

If you only had 24hrs to spend in Colombia, what would you do?

Enjoy a mojito or two in the Coro bar of the Santa Clara hotel in Cartagena.

What’s your best tip for a first time visitor to Colombia?

Use your guidebook as a “guide” not a bible.

How has travel in Colombia changed in the last 5 years?

It’s safer, opening up more to international tourism.

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