How to blow 36 hours in Bogota and walking with dinosaurs in Colombia – This weeks top 5 stories

Hello again all, this week there’s a guide to spending 36 frantic hours in Bogota, 10 reasons why Colombia rocks, how you can feed dinosaurs (sort of) in Villa de Leyva and pest or pet? Bogota’s random dogs get some love:

Street dogs in Bogota

Street dogs in Bogota: Picture:

1. If you only had 36 hours to spend in Bogota, what would you do? Is this really the best the captial has to offer? More here

2. Amazing feature on 10 reasons why Colombia is kicking ass: More here

3. Yet another traveller falls in love with Colombia (these aren’t too hard to find at the moment): More here

4. Can you really feed dinosaurs in Villa de Leyva? Yes, it seems you can! More here

And finally:

5. Ahh or urrh?! Bogota’s street dogs have developed a fan base – nice picture: More here

– The Wild Colombia team

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