Sexy, scary or safety with Santos? This week’s top 5 Colombian news stories

It’s been a big week in Colombia, as a new, ever so slightly controversial President takes control. You can find out about that on any other Colombian news website – but we bet you’ll not find this combination of stories anywhere else. Enjoy this week’s Top 5 on Tuesday Colombian news stories:

Taking part in Bogota's gay march

Taking part in Bogota's gay march

1. We start off on a serious note about what needs to be done to continue making Colombia a safer prospect for visitors: Click here

2. Sexy or scary? We’re not sure! Have a look at these pictures of Bogota’s Gay Parade and decide for yourself: Click here

3. Is travel in Colombia about to get easier with a new airline set to open later this year?: Click here

4. He’s one of Colombia’s most exciting new authors, but why does Juan Gabriel Vásquez think drugs should be made legal? Click here

And finally…

5. Anyone who has done even a small amount of travel knows what a pain taxi drivers are. Here’s a lesson on dealing with Bogota’s best (or worst) cabbies: Click here

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