New Top 5 news stories: Graffiti and a mission to Mars

Hello wild ones – it’s Tuesday, so brace yourselves for this week’s top 5 stories making the news about Colombia. Once again, there’s loads out there including street art in Bogota and Colombia’s mission to Mars, honestly!

LoisInWonderland's photostream Flickr

Here’s our selection:

1. Bogota’s graffiti and street art is now leading the world: Click here and here for more Bogota graffiti photos.

2. Wild Colombia met this author last week – here’s a excellent review of Juan Gabriel Vásquez’s new book: Click here

3. Great insight into Colombia’s exiting leader who is credited with ‘saving’ the country: Click here

4. Bogota’s is inspiring sustainable cities across the world, but why?: Click here

And finally…

5. One Colombian has chosen what is surely world’s most difficult job: Click here

Have a great week

– The Wild Colombia Team

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2 Responses to New Top 5 news stories: Graffiti and a mission to Mars

  1. pejy says:

    Top pics editor in chief. Love it. I want some of those graffiti art on my walls. Better than Banksy boyo

  2. If you want to know more about colombian street art, you should definitely go to LUZIERNAGA, the only street art gallery in Bogotá!! they also throw great parties and have excellent food!!
    Calle 70 No. 10 A – 25
    Bogotá, Colombia.

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