Election: Santos leaves Mockus green with envy

If you’re travelling to Colombia right now then you’re going to be there at a great time.

Election fever is gripping the nation and this time Colombians are on the verge of making history.

Yesterday the Former Colombian Defence Minister Juan Manuel Santos managed to win the first round of presidential elections.

Almost 47% of the voters chose Mr Santos who is backed by the current president Alvaro Uribe.

Green Party hopeful Antanas Mockus hailed his 21% as a success because it now means voting goes to a second round.

The winning candidate must win 50% or more of the vote to secure victory. This takes place on June 20.

Observers say that the first round of voting shows Colombians want to continue the hard line security policies of Uribe – but also bought into the new, ‘green’ politics of Mockus.

Despite early excitement that Mockus could win victory and become the world’s first Green leader, it is now thought Mr Santos will win the second vote.

The third place candidate has suggested he will back Santos.

Interesting times, then, for Colombia and whatever the outcome, it seems the news can only be positive news.

There will be a tough, progressive and credible elected leader in power, whatever happens – and who knows, they could be green.

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