Is Colombia set for a Green revolution?

Antanas Mockus on the campaign trail

The US has a black president, Thailand has the red-shirts and the UK has a blue/yellow coalition.

Now it seems Colombia is bracing itself for a green revolution if pre-election polls are to be trusted.

Green Party candidate Antanas Mockus is tipped to win a run off against Juan Manuel Santos in an election campaign which has shaken up traditional Colombian politics.

Mockus, a two-time Bogota mayor, has enchanted the electorate with his alternative political views, vows to crack down on corruption and continue President Alvaro Uribe’s tough line on rebel insurgency.

Known for his Abraham Lincoln-style beard Mockus has stunned political leaders who expected Santos, a former defense minister, to cruise to victory after easily leading the early polls.

Latest polls suggest Santos still has a minor lead, but four other candidates are running in the election.

While they are a long way behind the two top contenders, if no one wins more than 50 percent next Sunday, the top two vote-getters would meet in a run-off set for June 20.

The Ipsos Napoleon Franco poll, released at the weekend, showed in a run-off Mockus would win 45 percent against 40 percent for Santos.

The election takes place on May 30th and if there is no one with more than 50 per cent then a run-ff takes place on June 20th.

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One Response to Is Colombia set for a Green revolution?

  1. Fosy says:

    Time to give an opportunity to the belief that humans can create cooperatively.

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