Christmas and New Year

If you’re heading to Colombia to celebrate Christmas and New Year then send your top tips or places to visit. We’re looking for something off the beaten track….

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One Response to Christmas and New Year

  1. Juliana says:

    I am going to Colombia in December for a couple of weeks, I am going to visit Manizales one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia, it is a small town in the mountains where in January they celebrate the best fair in Colombia, Manizales Fair, it began with the presentation of grand Bullfights and with typical “Manolas” parade (Spanish parade). Due to its huge welcome by people, more shows and presentations have been brought into the Fair, such as International Coffee Beauty Pageant which together with the bullfighting season turn into the main events of the Fair.

    Currently within the Fair you can enjoy activities as: Horseback riding Parades, Typical presentations, “Trovas”, other parades, National and International Musicians and Bands, Expositions, and Cultural shows. The Feria de Manizales (Manizales Fair) is the second biggest celebration in the country, after the Barranquilla Carnival.

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